Duties Expected from All Volunteers

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere
  • Become familiar with the locations of washrooms, entrances, exits, and accessibility options
  • Become familiar with emergency and safety procedures
  • Volunteers may be asked to jump into other roles within their assigned volunteer category during their shifts.

Volunteer Category Overview

  1. Event Front of House
  2. Event Front of House – Cash-handling
  3. Event Bartender (Serving It Right Certification Required)
  4. Receptions & Catering
  5. Greeters & Guides
  6. Information Services
  7. Production
  8. Office Administration

Click here for the full list of volunteer roles (pdf)


Category 1: Event Front of House


Door Host

The Door Host is the first point of contact a guest has at ISCM2017 concerts and events. Door hosts welcome and greet guests, and give directions so that people can get to where they want to go whether it is to the seating area, washrooms, or even the nearest ATM. Shifts available in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Working conditions: periods of standing


Ticket Taker

Ticket Takers act as the gatekeeper of concerts. They check and collect guests’ concert tickets, and also hand out programs.

Working conditions: standing and sitting. This position is accessible to volunteers using wheelchairs.



Ushers provide welcoming and helpful on-the-spot customer service to all visitors by assisting visitors in navigating the festival venue. At concert venues, Ushers help direct guests to their seats. At the installation sites, Ushers provide a combination of concierge services for visitors and a watchful eye on the installation and related technical equipment in the venue.

Working conditions: some standing, periods of busyness and quiet.  


Category 2: Event Front of House – Cash-handling


Box Office

Box Office Assistants help Box Office staff members by managing will call lists, and distributing previously purchased tickets to patrons as part of will call. This role may involve cash handling.

Working conditions: sitting, standing, and working in a fast-paced environment. This position is accessible to volunteers using wheelchairs.


Concession Sales

Concession Sales volunteers help satisfy guests’ hunger and thirst! This role includes handling cash and credit card bar sales for beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) at the Roundhouse concession.

Working conditions: standing. Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment.


Merchandise Sales

Merchandise Sales volunteers (aka. “Merch Volunteers”) provide great customer service to guests interested in purchasing ISCM2017 merchandise and artists’ CDs from the “Merch” table at concert venues. They provide information and facilitate purchases. This role involves cash handling, facilitating credit card purchases as well as reconciling inventory and cash.

Working conditions: standing and sitting. This position is accessible to volunteers using wheelchairs.


Category 3: Event Bartender (Serving It Right Certification Required)



If you have your Serving It Right certification, help quench the thirst of our guests by pouring alcoholic beverages at the Roundhouse concession and Festival receptions. You must provide us with a copy of your valid SIR certificate in advance. Volunteers must be at least 19 years of age. Experience with cash-handling is an asset but not required.

Working conditions: standing. Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment.


Category 4: Receptions & Catering


Reception and Catering

Want to make people happy by helping out with our receptions, coffee breaks, and other food-related moments? In the week prior to the event, you will help our Reception and Catering Coordinator purchase and organize supplies and deliveries. During November 2-8, you will be one of a team ensuring smooth service of ISCM delegate coffee breaks, backstage snacks, two receptions and two catered lunches. No cooking is required. Involves delivery, setting up, serving, guest check-in, and cleaning up. Foodsafe level 1 is preferred but not required.

Working conditions: standing and lifting. This position is accessible to volunteers who are partially sighted.


Category 5: Greeters & Guides


Airport Greeter

With music from nearly 50 countries and an international network of ISCM members, we will have many people traveling into Vancouver for the festival. By welcoming guests at the airport, you can be one of the first friendly ISCM2017 faces seen upon their arrival after their long journey. Knowledge of Vancouver public transportation is required. Volunteers are required to get themselves to and from the airport. Transportation is not provided.

Working conditions: standing, walking. This position is accessible to volunteers using wheelchairs.



Yes, you can help ISCM2017 just by going for a walk! Our events require our out-of-town guests to walk between multiple venues in downtown Vancouver/Yaletown every day on a tight schedule. We need a team of people positioned to walk with groups, stand at corners and the doors of our concert venues, and ensure our guests are arrive safely at their next destination!

Working conditions: walking and standing. Some of these positions are accessible to volunteers using wheelchairs.


Category 6: Information Services



Throughout the festival, Information volunteers provide general information in-person (at various festival locations) or over the phone and welcome composers and ISCM delegates. At the registration table, you will distribute the appropriate registration packages, essentially making life a lot easier for the guests. At the Festival Hub at The Post at 750, you will assist with beverages and snacks, tidying up the hub, providing information, and simply chatting with the guests.

Working conditions: sitting, some light lifting may be required. This position is accessible to volunteers using wheelchairs.


Category 7: Production

Artist Hospitality

Artist Hospitality volunteers serve as green room hosts to performers; duties include preparing and setting out food and beverages in the green room, ensuring that the room is kept tidy, cleaning up the room at the end of a concert, setting out and clearing stage water, and providing general assistance to performers. In addition to these tasks, Artist Hospitality volunteers are the “eyes and ears” at the venue, ensuring the safekeeping of backstage and artists’ belongings.

Working conditions: standing, walking, light carrying.



The Stagehand reports to the Stage Manager and assists in carrying out production related duties such as, but not limited to: loading in/out instruments, audio, lighting, video equipment, backline, tables/chairs, or festival signage/decor; setting up/striking the stage; assisting with changeovers; assisting other teams as needed or as directed by the Stage Manager. Stagehands must have experience in interacting with artists and performers in a generous yet sensitive manner at all times while being attentive and knowing when to “jump” in and help and when to “lay back” and wait. You speak fluent English and may have fluency in other languages. Experience as a stagehand for music concerts is an asset. 

Working conditions: moderate lifting and carrying.


Production Equipment

The Production Equipment Volunteer reports to the Production Assistant and assists in the preparation and movement of production and production related equipment to and from various festival offices and venues. Mains tasks include working behind the scenes to ensure that every concert has all the production and production related equipment that is needed for a successful show. Production Equipment Volunteers are attentive and always aware of their surroundings to ensure the safety of others and the security of equipment. 

Working conditions: moderate lifting and carrying, riding along in a van.


Category 8: Office Administration


Office Administration

Do you love the office environment? You will work in the ISCM2017 office at The Post at 750 (Hamilton Street, downtown Vancouver), helping with tasks that may include tote bag stuffing, lanyard preparations, organizing, answering phone calls, and general office tasks leading up to and during the festival as well as the wrap-up afterwards.

Working conditions: sitting. This position is accessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing volunteers as well as volunteers who use wheelchairs.