Nov 2 / 2017

7:30PM Opening Concert: “Life Reflected”  | The Centre 
National Arts Centre Orchestra, Alexander Shelley, Artistic Director 
Presented by Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Nov 3 / 2017

12:00PM WolfGANG  | ANNEX
3:00PM  Driftwood Percussion  | The Roundhouse
Presented by Redshift New Music
5:00PM Bozzini Quartet  | The Roundhouse
7:30PM Vancouver New Music String Orchestra  | ANNEX
Vancouver Electronic Ensemble
10:15PM “Riot” with Hard Rubber Riot Ensemble  | The Roundhouse 
Lori Freedman, bass clarinet

Nov 4 / 2017

11:15AM Instruments of Change  | The Roundhouse
12:00PM Müge Büyükçelen, violin  | The Roundhouse
2:00PM Awesome Talks  | The Roundhouse
3:00PM Vancouver Chamber Choir  | Christ Church Cathedral
musica intima
Elektra Women’s Choir
5:00PM Emily Carr String Quartet  | The Roundhouse
7:30PM Vancouver Chamber Choir  | Christ Church Cathedral
musica intima
Elektra Women’s Choir
10:15PM NOW Ensemble  | ANNEX

Nov 5 / 2017

11:15AM Instruments of Change  | The Roundhouse
12:00PM Red Chamber  | The Roundhouse
2:00PM Awesome Talks  | The Roundhouse
5:00PM Land’s End Ensemble  | The Roundhouse
7:30PM Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Bramwell Tovey, Music Director  | The Orpheum
10:15PM “Outside of Us”  | ANNEX
              Music for Composer-Performers
              Leo Correia de Verdier, Gabriel Dharmoo, Jennifer Walshe

Nov 6 / 2017

12:00PM Turning Point Ensemble | ANNEX
5:00PM “event and memory”  | ANNEX
              Music for Solo Instruments
              François Houle (clarinet), Mark Takeshi McGregor
 (flute & piccolo), Dragos Tara (double bass & live electronics)
7:30PM Ensemble contemporain de Montreal (ECM+)  | The Roundhouse
Turning Point Ensemble

Nov 7 / 2017

12:00PM UBC School of Music (Electroacoustic)  | UBC School of Music
1:00PM Awesome Talks  | UBC School of Music
5:00PM Powell Street Festival  | ANNEX
Ko Ishikawa, shō
7:30PM PEP (Piano and Erhu Project)  | The Roundhouse
Standing Wave Ensemble
10:15PM Redshift Vertical Orchestra  | TBD

Nov 8 / 2017

12:00PM Aventa Ensemble  | The Roundhouse
5:00PM Victoria Symphony  | The Roundhouse
7:30PM Closing Concert: “a kind of magic” | Vancouver Playhouse
              Music for Solo Piano
              Vicky Chow, Eve Egoyan, Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, Megumi Masaki

Nov 2-8 / 2017

Ongoing “Biophilia” Installation by Julie Andreyev and Simon Lysander Overstall  | Western Front
Ongoing “Breeze” Installation by Cathy van Eck  | The Roundhouse