Support us in creating a watershed moment in Canadian contemporary music. The project is big, with a budget of $1.3 million, of which half is contributed by our generous Concert Partner organizations and independent artists.

Support has come already from many sides – ensembles and solo performers, composers, universities and organizations, individuals, and all levels of government.

Now we’re asking you – music-lovers, musicians, composers – who are stakeholders in Canada’s contemporary music scene – to help bring this festival and showcase to fruition by making a charitable donation today through CanadaHelps. Under ‘Select the Fund Your Donation Will Support’, please choose ‘World New Music Days 2017 in Vancouver’.”

Can’t donate but still want to support the festival?
We’re looking for awesome, dedicated volunteers to help us put on the best events possible. Contact Administrative Director Morna Edmundson at for more information.






$500 PLUS

John D Burge | Morna Edmundson | Keith Hamel | Jim Hiscott | George Laverock | David Lemon | David Pay and Brian Laberge

$100 PLUS

John Beckwith | Elizabeth Bell | Stacey Brown | Michael Bushnell | Jennifer Butler | Ian Crutchley | Australian Music Centre | Elisha Denburg | Judah and Susan Denburg | Robin Elliott | Gordon Fitzell | Richard Gibson | Javier Hagen | Emily Hall | Don Harder | Linda and Michael Hutcheon | David Jaeger | Caitlin MacRae | Kevin Morse | Juliet Palmer | Sandra Phillips | Barbara Pritchard | Laurie Radford | James Rolfe | Michel Rondeau | Glenn Sutherland | Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music | Gayle Young | and one anonymous donor

UP TO $99

Sarah Albu | Kathleen Allan and Benton Roark | Justin Christensen | Leslie Dala | Bruno Degazio | Gabriel Dharmoo | Cheryl Duvall | Susanna Eastburn | Elisabeth Finch | Simon Gamache | Mark Hand and Paul Gravett | Brian Harman | Claire Heistek | H. Hindman | Frank Horvat | Rachel Iwaasa | Melody Jacobson | Diane Kadota | Robert Lemay |Tony KT Leung | Nicole Lizée | Mark McGregor | Jocelyn Morlock | Monica Pearce | Anna Pidgorna | Rick Sacks | Patrick Saint-Denis | Rodney Sharman | Paris Simons | and five anonymous donors